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Project Services Overview

Comprehensive Professional Development Projects are individually designed to meet specific district or school site needs. Projects are designed to provide in-depth content training and multiple levels of follow-up support including demonstration teaching and on-site collaboration. These systemic projects include multiple service days that may be interspersed over a period of weeks, months or a year. Example project topics include Autism Spectrum Disorders, Moderate to Severe Disabilities, and Transition. Diagnostic Center staff will work with the District to identify the project components, which often include:

  • In-depth content training (full, half-day, or 1 to 1.5 hour sessions)
  • On-site consultation Planning sessions with teachers and administrative support teams
  • Demonstration teaching, may include video taping for future staff development
  • Lesson observations with feedback sessions
  • Problem solving and coaching sessions
  • Data analysis, summative and formative evaluations

Due to our staff time commitment for these projects, they will be available on a limited basis. In many cases we begin the planning process with the local district or school site in the spring prior to the implementation year.

General Requirements:

The following general requirements apply to each of the Comprehensive Professional Development topics:

  • Evidence of strong administrative support for the project
  • Completion of identified paper work
  • Participants must be part of district team; all team members must commit to fully participate in the training

Additional requirements, specific to each topic, may also apply. For more information, please call Laura Anderson, Assistant Director, at (323) 222-8090.


COVID-19 Read about our services...

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Diagnostic Center, Southern California is not currently providing Center or Field-based assessment services. We are, however, accepting referral applications and providing services based on a service delivery model aligned with current public health agencies and the California Department of Education guidance. All referral applications and requests for assessment are evaluated on a case by case basis and any services rendered by the Diagnostic Center, Southern California are individually designed to address referral questions and concerns. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves we will continue to adjust our service delivery model to ensure the safety of staff, students, and the families we serve. Please send us a message via our Contact Page if you have additional questions.

Diagnostic Centers' Reopening Guidance Overview (PDF)Link opens in a new window or tab.