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Diagnostic Center, Southern California
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Field Assesments

Field Assessments are conducted at the student's school site. This service is for students whose specific diagnostic questions are limited in scope and would be best addressed in the student's actual learning environment. Diagnostic Center specialists work directly with the student and school staff in the classroom. The evaluators usually meet with the student's parents or guardians as part of the process. These assessments are typically completed within one to three days.

During the course of a field assessment, school staff is provided practical suggestions in an area of particular importance to the student and their team. Examples include: positive behavioral interventions, communication systems, reading recommendations, curricular accommodations, etc.

An exit conference is conducted to summarize the results of the assessment, and may include Diagnostic Center staff, teachers, specialists, administrators; and the student's parents/guardians. A written report of the findings and responses to the diagnostic questions is mailed directly to the district approximately six weeks later.

A typical field assessment schedule may be as follows:

Day One
  • Observation of student
  • Interview school staff
  • Interview parent
Day One/Two
  • Individualized testing if needed
  • Review additional records
Day Two/Three
  • Additional observations or interviews, as needed
  • Share preliminary findings with parents and school staff


COVID-19 Read about our services...

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Diagnostic Center, Southern California is not currently providing Center or Field-based assessment services. We are, however, accepting referral applications and providing services based on a service delivery model aligned with current public health agencies and the California Department of Education guidance. All referral applications and requests for assessment are evaluated on a case by case basis and any services rendered by the Diagnostic Center, Southern California are individually designed to address referral questions and concerns. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves we will continue to adjust our service delivery model to ensure the safety of staff, students, and the families we serve. Please send us a message via our Contact Page if you have additional questions.

Diagnostic Centers' Reopening Guidance Overview (PDF)Link opens in a new window or tab.