Diagnostic Center, Southern California
Diagnostic Center, Southern California
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Follow-Up Services

Follow-up services are available to the school staff following Center or Field assessments. Services may be requested by the school if the parent/guardian has signed a consent form. The consent form can be signed preemptively at the end of the student's assessment. This way, the form is 'ready to go' in the student's file, expediting the follow-up process. Otherwise, the form can be faxed or mailed in at a later date.

Follow-up typically consists of one specialist visiting the school site to assist the team in interpretation or implementation of recommendations made in the original assessment report.

John Cressey (education specialist) and a middle school principal


COVID-19 Read about our services...

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Diagnostic Center, Southern California is not currently providing Center or Field-based assessment services. We are, however, accepting referral applications and providing services based on a service delivery model aligned with current public health agencies and the California Department of Education guidance. All referral applications and requests for assessment are evaluated on a case by case basis and any services rendered by the Diagnostic Center, Southern California are individually designed to address referral questions and concerns. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves we will continue to adjust our service delivery model to ensure the safety of staff, students, and the families we serve. Please send us a message via our Contact Page if you have additional questions.

Diagnostic Centers' Reopening Guidance Overview (PDF)Link opens in a new window or tab.