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The Referral Process

The decision to refer a student often originates from the student's IEP Team. However, a formal application for admission must be made by the local educational agency and signed by the Director of Special Education. Referrals sent in by parents are not accepted and will be returned.

The application packet takes some time to complete. The local educational agency is responsible for: filling out a detailed form, securing written parental releases for information, submitting all educationally-relevant reports and testing results, and compiling critical student information. The parents must also complete an information packet as part of the application process. Incomplete referrals will be returned.

Once the completed application is received, the Diagnostic Center's Admission and Review Committee will do a comprehensive case review of the referral. This will include telephone consultation with the referring administrator, or district contact person. Following case review, the decision to accept or reject the referral will be made.

If the student is not accepted for assessment, the file will be returned with a letter explaining why the case was rejected, and in many cases, suggestions for other agencies or resources which may be better suited to assist the student.

If accepted for either a field-based or center-based assessment, both the district and the parent/guardian will receive written notification. Students are placed on a waiting list in the order in which received. When an appropriate assessment team becomes available, the student will be scheduled. The waiting list varies, depending on the time of the year and other factors, but it is not uncommon for students to wait 3-6 months for a center assessment.

Application packets can be downloaded using the links below. Local educational agency personnel may also obtain a packet by contacting the Center at (323) 222-8090 or using our Contact page. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any referral or to clarify any part of the referral process.

Referral Application Packet:

  • The application packet contains both a school district and a parent information form. Both of these forms, along with all of the “required information” listed on the front page of the district form, are required. District personnel should complete the “School District” form and the parent/guardian should complete the “Parent Information” form. Referrals sent in by parents are not accepted and will be returned.

Once the referral forms are completed, please MAIL to the address below. DO NOT EMAIL OR FAX COMPLETED REFERRAL FORMS due to confidentiality.

Attention: Admissions Office
Diagnostic Center, Southern California
4339 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032