Diagnostic Center, Southern California
Diagnostic Center, Southern California
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Professional Development Services Overview

The Diagnostic Center, Southern California offers formal professional development activities to local educational agency (LEA) staff and parents on a range of topics. Our training topics are based upon both statewide and local needs assessment surveys as well as other areas of interest. Each May, our catalog of Professional Development Opportunities(PDF) that contains our workshop offerings for the coming school year is sent to all RCCs, SELPA Directors and posted on our website. In an effort to maximize our training resources, we offer training and technical assistance in several formats including
(1) one-day and half-day workshops,
(2) comprehensive professional development projects, and
(3) consultation.

To schedule a training, please contact Laura Anderson, Director, at train@dcs-cde.ca.gov.

What does the sponsoring agency (RCC, SELPA, LEA) need to do?

After a training topic and date is confirmed the sponsoring agency is responsible for:

  • Assigning a contact person responsible for coordinating with the Diagnostic Center presenter.
  • Advertising the training.
  • Assigning an administrator or designee to attend the training for greeting/registering participants and introducing the presenter/s.
  • Securing a training site to accommodate the size of the audience.
  • Providing for audio-visual needs.
  • Duplicating handout packets for all participants (request master copy of handout package from DC presenter, allow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to training date).
  • Distributing and collecting evaluation forms.
  • Distributing Certification of Completions at the end of training.

Note: While it is not required, providing lunch on-site for full day workshops is greatly appreciated. It ensures a timely resumption of the training after the lunch break.

A "Certification of Completion" is available upon request of the sponsoring agency for dissemination to participants at the conclusion of the workshop. The Diagnostic Center is also a Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board approved continuing professional development provider.

We strongly recommend that the sponsoring agency ensures that parents, general education and other agency staff (for example, Regional Center, Mental Health) as appropriate, are invited.

What is the cost?

There is no charge for our services. However, sponsoring agencies have the responsibility for costs involved with duplication of handout materials, securing the site, advertising the workshop, providing refreshments and other like costs. Trainings are available to RCCs, SELPAs, and LEAs on a "first come, first served" basis.